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At Evergreen Cat Lodge, we are passionate about feline rescue. That's why we volunteer and support the Evergreen Animal Protective League (EAPL). EAPL is a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to providing aid to lost, abandoned, and suffering animals through rescue, shelter, and education. Since its founding in 1981, EAPL has aided over 20,000 dogs and cats!

If you, or anyone you know, is considering bringing a new dog or cat into the family, please visit the EAPL website. There you will find information about some of the dogs and cats that are available for adoption and instructions about how to find out more. If you're interested in adopting a cat, you may want to drop by the Cat Room at Chow Down, located in Evergreen at the Bergen Village Shopping Center (right across from King Soopers).

Note: A Kitten Camera is often available for viewing. Check out the Kitten Camera tab on our WebCam page.