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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I, or someone I designate, visit my cat while it's being boarded?
    Sure. We love to have visitors, and so do the cats! All we ask is that you let us know in advance when you would like to stop by.
  2. Why do you operate by appointment only?
    We find that this is the best compromise between being available to serve clients preferred schedules and our need for time to care for our boarders and enjoy a few precious moments of personal time.
  3. What should I bring with me when I drop off my cat?
    You don't NEED to bring anything other than your cat(s) which must arrive in a cat carrier. We provide everything your cat needs. However, your cat will appreciate it if you do bring some things from home. While we have premium cat food available, we encourage you to bring enough of your cat's regular food to last their entire stay - it's best to keep them on the same diet they're use to. You should also bring along a cat brush if you would like us to brush your cat. Beyond that, bring along any items you think will make your cat's stay more relaxing and enjoyable. Consider bringing a worn shirt that has your scent on it, their cat bed, a scratching post, some favorite toys, whatever else you feel will make their stay more enjoyable. We do ask that you send us your signed Boarding Agreement and vaccination records in advance.
  4. If I supply my own food, shouldn't I receive a discount?
    No. It's actually easier for us to feed all of our boarders the same food rather than to store and serve different food for each boarder. But, since it's best to keep cats on their regular diet, if you bring a supply of their regular food, we will be glad to see to it that that is what they're fed.