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Boarding at Evergreen Cat Lodge

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When you board at Evergreen Cat Lodge, your cat will stay in one of our 32 suites and will be lovingly cared for by Susan & Mike Nocket, owners of the Lodge along with their managers Noel and Jenny. If you are lucky enough to be a multiple cat family, your 2nd and 3rd cats may share the suite for an slight additional fee. However, only cats from the same owner are permitted to share a suite. Your cats will never come in physical contact with other boarders. Be sure to check out the picture gallery on the About The Lodge page to see some of our suites. We are committed to providing the best cat boarding service available in the Denver area.

Prior to boarding, we will require verification that your cat has received the required rabies and feline distemper (FVRCP) immunizations. Your cat(s) must arrive in individual carriers. Upon arrival, every boarder is given a quick examination to ensure that there are no visible health issues - E.g. fleas, respiratory infection or ring worm. If we find that nails need clipping we will clip them at no charge. You will be asked to fill out and sign our Boarding Agreement and send it to us prior to arrival.

After check-in, you will accompany your cat to its private suite. We notice that our guests adjust much faster to their new surroundings if their owners are able to spend some time helping them settle in. We also encourage you to bring some things from home. Your cat will appreciate a familiar toy or two, maybe a scratching post, and many cats are comforted by one of your worn shirts (they love your scent). You should also bring along a cat brush - we don't think it's hygienic to share a brush among our boarders, so if you want us to casually brush your loved ones you need to supply a brush. There's no charge for brushing, but please note that this is casual brushing - not a professional grooming that removes matted hair.

Once your cat has settled in and you've said goodbye, rest assured that you have left them in good hands. We make a point to spend a little extra time with new arrivals to help them feel safe in their surroundings. During its stay, we try our best to keep your cat on its regular schedule. When you fill in the Boarding Agreement, you tell us about your cats feeding schedule - once, twice, three times a day or free feeding - wet or dry food. We have premium cat food available at no charge, but we encourage you to supply enough of your cat's regular food to last for the stay. It's actually easier for us to feed all of our guests the same food, but we think it's more important to keep each boarder on its regular diet. A change of diet can cause problems in even the healthiest of cats.

We love all cats and welcome special needs guests. We inquire on the Boarding Agreement about any medications that your cat may be taking. We will administer one medication or supplement at no additional charge. There will be a $1 per dose fee for each additional medication or supplement. We are able to administer topical, oral or injected medications (e.g. insulin). We can also administer fluids (provided by client) for $10 per treatment. We may also perform other procedures, on a case-by-case basis, after consulting with your veterinarian.

We also clean the litter and change the water at least twice a day.

It's been our experience that this style of cat boarding is well tolerated by even the most shy and timid of cats. We do our best to ensure that each and every boarding experience is a positive one for both pet and owner. Check out our Client Testimonials to see what others have said about boarding at Evergreen Cat Lodge.

We hope to see you soon at Denver's premier cat-only boarding facility!

Boarding Rates (3-day minimum)

V.I.P. Suite


For the Very Important Pet - The very best we have to offer. These are large suites with large windows overlooking the best views of the 9 acre estate. Each suite comes standard with music. The suites are also equiped with high resolution night vision PetCams so you can check on your cats while you're away. Most suites are equipped with either an electric fireplace or an electric replica wood burning stove. Up to 3 of your cats may share suite.

Deluxe Suite


Luxurious rooms. Most are the same size as our V.I.P. suites and all have windows. Each suite has music and standard PetCams can be added for $10/day. Up to 3 of your cats may share suite.

Economy Suite


Smaller rooms, but still well appointed and comfortable. Don't let the name fool you - these are very nice accommodations for the budget conscious who still want a step up from the traditional boarding options. Standard Petcams can be added for $10/day. Only 1 cat per room.


# Cats




V.I.P. Suite




Deluxe Suite




Economy Suite





PetCam Service


Enjoy the peace of mind of being able to watch your cat from anywhere in the world. All you need is internet access and a web browser. Visit our WebCam Page for more information.




Discounts are for Deluxe and V.I.P. Suites. We do not discount Economy Suites.


Length of Stay


1-2 Months
3-4 Months
5+ Months



2-Room Suites

Many of our suites are joined by cat doors to neighboring suites. This allows you to rent both rooms and create a 2-room suite for large families or very lucky cats.


Room Change During Stay

If your desired suite is only available for part of your cat's stay and you would like to switch rooms during the stay, there will be a $20 room change fee.


How we Count Days

We count days like a hotel. You will be charged for the day of check-in regardless of when you check in. There is no charge for the day of check-out providing you pick up your boarders before noon. If you check out between noon and 5pm, you will be charged for a half day. If you check out after 5pm, you will be charged for a whole day.



We accept cash, checks and credit cards. Boarding fees are payable 50% at check-in and 50% at pick-up unless otherwise agreed to. Long term boards (>1 month) require monthly payments in advance. For holiday periods we require a $100 non-refundable deposit at the time of booking. For first time boarders we require a $50 non-refundable deposit (which will apply towards your boarding fee). There are also minimum stay requirements for most holiday periods. Please call for details.


Cat Taxi Service

The charge for cat taxi service is $2/mile round trip distance with a $20 minimum. So if you live 15 miles from the cat lodge the fee to pick up your cat would be $60.


Download Forms



We require assurance that all boarders are current on their FVRCP and rabies immunizations prior to their being accepted for boarding. Your vet can provide you with a copy of the vaccination records to send to us prior to arrival, or you can ask your vet to fax or email them directly to us.


Hours of Operation

We operate by appointment only. We accept drop offs and pick ups between the hours of 8:30AM and 6:30PM, 7-days a week.



We accept cash, checks and credit cards. Boarding fees are payable 50% at check-in and 50% at pick-up. Payment for long term boards (>1 month) are payable monthly in advance. For holiday periods we require a $100 non-refundable deposit at the time of booking (which will apply towards your baording fee). For first time boarders we require a $50 non-refundable deposit (which will apply towards your boarding fee). There are also minimum stay requirements for most holiday periods and a 3-day minimum at all times. Please call for details.



We are pleased to administer 1 medication/supplement at no additional charge.  However, State   Regulations Require that all medications be in their original   containers with pet name and dosage printed on the label. There will be an additional charge for multiple medications/supplements.


Care of Sick Boarders - Agreement for Veterinary Services

We hope it never happens, but if one of our boarders appears ill we will seek veterinarian attention. If we deem it an emergency we will take your cat directly to a veterinarian and then either the veterinarian or we will contact you. We will attempt to contact you using the contact information you provided at check-in. If we are unable to contact you, we will try the emergency contact you provided. By signing the Boarding Agreement, you have agreed to pay for any necessary veterinarian services. We will attempt to contact your regular veterinarian if practical, otherwise we will utilize one of the local vets that we have a strong relationship with.


Flea Free Environment

We maintain a flea free environment. Our clients expect it and our boarders deserve it. If, during our check-in examination or at a later time, we observe evidence of fleas on your cat, we will provide your cat with a flea treatment and take steps to eliminate any fleas from its boarding suite. You will be charged an additional fee for this service.


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Cat Taxi

While we prefer that owners drop off their cats in person so they can spend some time helping them acclimate to their new surroundings, sometimes this just isn't in the cards. We know how hectic it can be getting ready to leave on vacation. Sometimes owners find themselves in an emergency situation and need to board their cat. Whatever the reason, if we can assist you by picking-up or dropping-off your cat we will do our best to accommodate. The greater the advanced notice you give us, the more likely it is that we will be able to meet your needs. Last minute requests are difficult to fulfill as we have many obligations here at the lodge.

Our rate for pick-up or drop-off is $2.00/mile based on round trip mileage. The minimum charge for cat taxi service is $20.